Highlighting Hanover Schools With Male Teachers On Staff

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the the future” – John F Kennedy

Music Teacher
Bethel Primary & Junior High
Agriculture Teacher
Chester Castle All Age
Primary Education Teacher
Bethel Primary & Junior High
Mathematics Teacher
Esher Primary
Mathematics Teacher
Cave Valley All Age School

Effective strategies used to 'teach or reach the male brain' by male teachers

Topic Rounding off.
A hill is drawn. The starting side of the hill is numbered 0 to 4, the other side of the hill is numbered 6 to 9 and on the top of the hill is number 5. Beside numbers 5 – 9 each numbers has a +1 beside them. Children will use any mode of transportation of their choice to drive over the hill. Example, 23 rounded off to the nearest tens. First, students will identify their tens number. Secondly, the number following the tens number will be the amount of fuel bought (the number used for rounding off). If the car has 3 litres of fuel it won’t be able to drive over the hill ,same for numbers 1, 2 & 4. Therefore, the 3 litres will be burnt out and 23 to the nearest tens becomes 20. However, if the car has 5 or more litres of fuel then 1 is added to the number being rounded off and the fuel number will be zero because all fuel would be used up.

Topic: Identifying or writing fractions.
Fraction draw just the same as (Cash pot draw). Make sure to use the megga ball & white ball to give an incentive for winners

1. Have regular rap sessions with the boys to build good rapport.
2. Employing as much hands on activities as possible.
3. Use sports and current affairs to initiate discussions.
4. As much as possible use real life scenarios across all subject areas.
5. Show how whatever they are learning is relevant and applicable in their lives.

Always use exciting topics, that will keep the boys attention.( cars, planes, adventures etc)

Games like Kahoot, language experience Approach, Real Life Experiences for Mathematics

1. Create lessons that offer rewards and incentives
2. Require motor activities.
3. Allows boys to address unsolved problems.
4. Combine teamwork and competition.
5. Plan lesson that allows for independent discoveries and self direction.