Highlighting Portland Schools With Male Teachers On Staff

“Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.” – Sidney Hook

Sciences/Enviromental Science Teacher
Boundbrook Primary
Physical Education Teacher
Happy Grove High School
Classroom Teacher
Seaside Primary
Mechanical Engineering Technology/ Welding Teacher
Fair Prospect High School
Mathematics Teacher
Happy Grove High School
Primary Education Teacher
Seaside Primary
Sciences Teacher
Happy Grove High School
Drama Teacher
Manchioneal All Age School

Effective strategies used to 'teach or reach the male brain' by male teachers

1. Boys don’t seem to learn well sitting at their designated areas for extended periods of time. So incorporate in lessons activities that allow for movement. They also love to, and take pride in helping to set up experiments and other activities in class.
You can also break to allow for a breather between lessons.

2. Tap into the natural competitive spirit of the male brain and incorporate games and competitions in the lesson. Boys definitely love winning.

3. The value of physical/tangible activities in the teaching-learning process cannot be overstated where boys are concerned. They get eager when they see hands on activities.

4. Some of my ‘slower’ boys really appreciated the integration of aesthetics in subject areas that were challenging to them. This gave them a chance to excel in areas that they were not normally accustomed to excelling in. Hence making them more comfortable and enthusiastic about the lesson.

Most boys I teach are very slow , hence I try to engage them more in hands on. Visual learning is more effective in my area of teaching where I get the chance to show students the actual work and not just talking and chalking on the board

Practical work involving mechanics and electricity

The use of sports in mathematics and STEM approach was prudent in getting students to learn and in particular our male students. this year, the top five students consisted of 4 males and one female. this a shift from what we are accustomed to at the this level at our school.

The use of games and cartoon animation to spark interest