Highlighting St. James Schools With Male Teachers On Staff

“To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students you are a star. “

Guidance & Counselling
Catherine Hall Primary & Infant School
Vice Principal
Mount Alvernia High School
Primary Education Teacher
Catherine Hall Primary & Infant School
Primary Education Teacher
Sudbury All Age School
Primary Education Teacher
Catherine Hall Primary & Infant School

Effective strategies used to 'teach or reach the male brain' by male teachers

Using videos, or formulate real life situations that the males can relate to. Try using hands on (tactile) approach when teaching males, seen that they’ll be able to relate better that way. Use projected based material, graphical along with audio.

1. Relating subject and or topic areas to the interest of boys eg. Sports

2. Allow them to work with their hands to show their creativity.

3. Develop a competitive spirit with and among them.

Tactile Strategy: Have students engaged in hands on activities such as, drawing and painting, have them watch videos and view images on a specific topic then engage them in meaningful discussions about what they saw, have them dramatize a particular topic so as to express their inner thought.

Technology in the classroom to keep their attention as boys tend to be hyperactive and require more stimulus than girls.

Differentiation to meet students where they function better so no one is ever left behind

A mixture of inquiry based instruction with the usage of the 5 E’s