Highlighting St. Mary Schools With Male Teachers On Staff

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Primary Education Teacher
Enfield Primary & Infant School
Mathematics Teacher
Oracabessa High School
Information Technology Teacher
St. Mary High School
Mathematics & Social Studies Teacher
Water Valley Primary School
Classroom Teacher
Enfield Primary & Junior High
Primary Education
Richmond Primary & Infant School
Literacy Studies
Trinity Primary School
Music Teacher
Marymount High School
Social Studies Teacher
Robins Bay Primary School
Mathematics Teacher
Trinity Primary School

Effective strategies used to 'teach or reach the male brain' by male teachers

to be honest, show concern for the less fortunate

games, puzzles, field trips, experiments

My current school is an all female institution however, what I had done prior was to get them involved in choir and band. Exposed them to competitions and this movitaved them to excell. Their sense of well being and masculinity thrived, their mental development was boosted through music. Have you ever wondered how a child can sing a song word for word without ever seeing or reading the words? Music is an art and it can be used to unlock hidden potential.

Activity based teaching are utilize within my lessons and this requires the males to be actively engage in the teaching and learning process

Measurement, football and the football field for perimeter and area; allow boys to investigate in science they will appreciate that, for some group work boys prefer to work with their same kind; for reading and discussion and build comprehension use passages that they can relate to upper school boys grades 4 to 6 like to talk about cars etc.

Games that interest boys

One on One and group interaction, Giving lead role and making presentation

1. Use physical activities (games, etc.) to create interest.
2. Use drawing. For example when writing stories, allow them to draw a sequence of the story first, before they start writing.
3. Use grouping, lots of hands on, lots of visuals.

I do an interest inventory in the form of a questionnaire to ascertain what my students like. In most cases the boys are interested in cars and sports mainly football therefore I plan lessons/ activities that will pique their interest and motivate them to discover on their own. This also helps my male students to develop and/or apply relevant problem solving techniques.

Using a lot of music to bring across concepts, redesigning my classroom, incorporating games and competitions, providing time for play, putting my boys in leadership positions, employing the use of project-based learning